The Journey to fatherhood

Well here we are, at the start of my Journey to Fatherhood. Reflecting on my life so far, I have picked up a lot of awesome skills which I think will come in handy in becoming a pretty awesome Dad. Whilst I still have much to learn, I’m starting from a good position.

Values and Morals

Some of the biggest skills and lessons I have learned are about living my life according to my core values;

  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Loyalty
  • Determination
  • Life-long Learning
  • Self-sufficiency and Sustainability: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

These are really the foundation of who I am. They shape the way I act, and interact with my friends and family. I like to think that I attract people with similar core values and morals into my life.

Life experience

I am also really lucky that I have managed to have some of the following amazing experiences which have certainly helped provide me with ‘tools for my Dad toolkit’

  • Moving out of home at 16
  • Got a quality post-graduate level University education in Engineering through winning Scholarships
  • Working several jobs to fund my Pilot training (I have never been in personal debt – this was a big lesson my father passed down to me!)
  • Living and working abroad – flying out of Dubai
  • Extensive travel for both work and pleasure
  • Having a very, very big and loving family (with plenty of nieces and nephews to ‘practice being a Dad with!’)
  • Coming from a country farm you quickly learn you have to be good with your hands! I really value practical life skills and as such have been able to work on my own vehicles, renovate homes, landscape gardens, grow fruits and vegetables and raise and hunt animals for food.

I think that this life experience will equip me better to deal with lifes ups and downs and the challenges of being a new Dad.

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G'day! I'm iFlyDad, and this blog documents my journey to becoming an awesome Dad! I currently work in Australia as a Cargo Pilot, and I have always had dreams of raising a large family and homesteading on a regional property. Welcome to my journey

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