Family values for better parenting

In recent years, the term “family values” is rapidly gaining popularity. These values and virtues show what is meaningful to a family, as well as gives insight to ideas and beliefs which bind a family together.

Families around the world have unique beliefs and ideas. However, we can list them down to primary values which are common in every family. Today we will discuss what are family values, why they are important, and how we can teach our children to follow these values.

family values

What are family values?

A set of traditional family values gives a moral compass. They clearly articulate the virtues and attitudes your family associates with. Besides that, these values show what is good and important for your family.

It allows parents to teach kids the difference between wrong and right. Therefore, it is a set of ideas and beliefs which are specific for a family. Throughout history, these values vary from time to time, from society to society, and household to household.

Types of family values

Family values can be classified into different types of values, which include;

  • Social values.
  • Political values.
  • Work values.
  • Religious values.
  • Recreational values.
  • Moral values.

Why family values are important?

You may have come across many examples of family values. However, the real question is why these values are important. Here we have a few reasons to help you understand the importance of family values.

  • It helps to shape the personal morals and values of a family.
  • Values help to identify who we are as an individual and how to make ways in society.
  • Children learn boundaries and get structure from values.
  • Modification in family values helps with the development and maturity of children.
  • Kids learn to grow from their mistakes and know how to express their feelings.
  • Thus, family values help develop skills, abilities, and problem-solving techniques.
  • Children grow to become productive members of society.

How family values help guide and direct children

Traditional family values can help with the development and guidance of your children. Here are some of the ways how these values will direct your children towards a bright future.

  • Influence positive decision making.
  • Establish a strong foundation for the family.
  • Helps with raising children.
  • Protection from negative influences from outside.
  • Guide strong relationship development.
  • Give meaning to the family.

How you can come up with your family values?

It seems like a daunting task to make your list of values. However, you can call a family meeting and start the task. All of you can share examples of family values and select the ones that suit your lifestyle. Besides that, include your traditional family values on the list as well. Moreover, if the task seems confusing here are a few tips to help you out.

  • Have a mission statement or motto that addresses the core values of your family.
  • Know the things which are important to you as a family.
  • The first session is for brainstorming. So, make a list of everything.
  • Allow every member to share the ideas they have in mind.
  • Select 10 important ideas. Thus, you can have more or fewer values on the final list. However, 10 is a great first start.
  • Assure that you display your list.
  • Make this list a teaching tool and refer to it as much as you can in relatable situations.
  • Make changes and evolve your family values.

List of values for the family

You may have come across many examples of family values. Here we have a list of values that are commonly used.

Value and respect elders

Teach your children to respect elders and value their decisions. However, give children the freedom to share their points of view.

Dedication and Hard Work

Help your child to work hard by setting examples. Moreover, teach them dedication.

Respect for others 

Using family values shows your children that respecting others is important. Thus, if you as parents will respect others regardless of their status your children will learn the same thing.

Compassion, Kindness, and Helping others

An important thing to teach your children is kindness and compassion towards others. Besides that, you have to practice these in your home if you want your kids to be compassionate.

Eating Together

One of the best family values is eating together. As well as, it reduces stress and everyone gets a chance to share their feelings.


Help your children learn about their responsibilities and family values us the best way to do it.


Moreover, you will be able to teach your kids how to be honest in life.


You will be able to give freedom to your children to create new things. Moreover, it will enhance their creative abilities.


Teach your kids to work in a team by arranging unique activities that require teamwork.

Value playtime

Assure that you always value playtime. Besides that, give your kids the attention and support they need during playtime.

What happens when your child behaves contrary to your family values?

Kids can throw tantrums and create issues when it comes to following family values. They may sometimes act against the values that you have set for them. However, instead of getting angry, it will be better to deal with the situation calmly.

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Moreover, chances are your child may not know they are hurting your feelings and their future by going against these values. So, here we have a few tips to help you deal with such conflicts. 

  • Allow your kids to calm down and ask them why they are acting in a certain way. Besides that, you may have to evolve some of the values that you have set.
  • Show and model empathy so your kids will develop the confidence to talk to you. Therefore, your kids should know they can come to you anytime.
  • Practice talking about their feelings. At a young age, children are unable to process emotions. Thus, make them follow family values, you need to help them control and understand their emotions.
  • Develop problem-solving skills. Ask your children to brainstorm solutions so your kids will learn this special skill as well.


If you teach your children how important your family values are, chances are that they will adopt these values and carry them through their lives. Traditional family values teach children how to be strong, face challenges together, and know the difference between good and bad. Set good examples and values that will teach children to be caring, kind, and strong.


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