The benefits of Nurturing (enriching) parenting for kids and parents

Modern parents have to juggle through busy schedules. They often feel guilty that they are unable to give proper time to their kids. However, nurturing or enriching parenting techniques can allow parents to display their affections with simple acts like a kiss, hug, or smile.

Your kids may not need your presence 24/7 but they appreciate your attention and love. All your kids need is the surety that you will support them through tough times; according to the circle of security this will help them become grow to become more independent. Research has indeed shown that babies and kids who grow up with nurturing parents become more balanced adults. So, let discuss positive nurturing parenting and how it can be beneficial for your children.

What is nurturing parenting?

Positive nurturing or enriching parenting is all about providing support and love to your kids. It is considered as a responsive and warm parenting technique. Besides that, enriching parenting consists of a high degree of mentoring, emotional responsiveness, understanding, and guidance.

However, this is used in age-appropriate parameters that allow parents to be responsive according to given situations.

Child rearing is a tough job but nurturing parenting can make the entire task easy and manageable. It is the complete opposite of neglectful or absent parenting. Nurturing parenting can be thought of as a more flexible parenting style.

Features of nurturing parenting

Some essential features of nurturing parenting are.

  • Positive parenting helps to protect children from neglect and abuse.
  • Nurturing parenting builds strong bonds and trust for coming in on the circle of security
  • It helps to improve communication and quality of life of families.
  • Parents develop the ability to understand their kids better.
  • Parents guide children in how to process their own emotions and come to their own independent solutions.

Special nurturing parenting skills

Special skills that parents need to learn if you are planning to use enriching parenting techniques include

  • Decision making.
  • Improving your communication with kids.
  • Focus on healthy development and growth of children of all ages.
  • Taking control of behavior and emotions.
  • Learning how to communicate your own feelings effectively
  • Learning ways to deal with anger and stress.
  • Developing kindness and empathy.
  • Maintain a daily routine.
  • Understanding techniques.
  • Maintaining discipline.
  • Prenatal parenting.
  • Proper use of discipline (punishment and rewards).

Why choose nurturing parenting?

You may have been wondering why nurturing parenting is a better option for child rearing. Here we have a set of reasons that both parents and children can get from this positive technique.

Benefits of nurturing parenting for parents

  • Parents learn to manage their stress and anger while the child is throwing tantrums.
  • Improve one on one time with parents. Thus, kids get time to share their feelings and other thoughts with their parents.
  • It becomes easier for parents to understand the needs of their children. As well as, they learn about individual needs.
  • Nurturing parenting helps to improve self-worth.
  • Develop decision making, problem-solving, negotiating, and compromising skills.
  • Learn proper discipline skills.

Benefits of nurturing parenting for kids

  • Develop positive self-worth.
  • Learn suitable and respectful ways to show their feelings.
  • Get knowledge regarding the importance of rules and the reasoning behind them.
  • Learn to respect and follow the morals, virtues, and values of the family.

How nurturing parenting can help with the positive development of children

Often parents say that child rearing is very tough. We also blame parents for most of the issues without understanding the situation or condition. However, nurturing parenting can help parents to raise physically and mentally strong children.

Here we have a few reasons how enriching parenting can help with the positive development of children.

Say goodbye to doubts

The positive change that nurturing parenting will bring in parents is that they will be able to get rid of their doubts. It will allow parents to give themselves respect and love so they can take care of their kids. Besides that, instead of depending on other parents will be able to make good decisions for their children.

Parents will learn to respect the decisions of their children without any doubt.

Understand needs and strengths

An important thing that parents often fail to acknowledge is the strengths of their kids. Thus, they often force their children to do something that will make parents happy. With positive parenting, you will learn to find out the hidden strengths and needs of your children.

Moreover, you will be able to give your kids the freedom they need to pursue their dreams and become better people in the future.

Become an inspiration

Commonly, kids complain that they fail because of a lack of inspiration. With enriching parenting techniques parents, themselves can become an inspiration for their kids. It is ideal for working parents because they are working and understanding the needs of their kids without getting angry.

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It gives kids the inspiration to follow the footsteps of their parents in the future. As well as, kids will develop the confidence that their parents will always support them.

Motivate kids

Motivation is very important when it comes to child rearing. When parents are not motivated, they often feel like they have failed. However, nurturing parenting is better because when your kids are happy, growing, and respectful you will get motivated.

You will not have to rely on the motivation and appreciation of others. Because you will see with your own eyes that you are doing a great job.

Make them kind and loving

Positive parenting means that you are giving your kids the care and love they need. It will leave a positive impact on your kids. They will not only learn empathy but also your kids will grow up to be kind and loving towards others as well. It is one of the biggest achievements on the behalf of parents. Thus, you will feel proud of yourself and your kids.


Nurturing parenting is one such way that parents can provide positive support and love to their kids. It is considered as a responsive and warm parenting technique characterised by a high degree of mentoring, emotional responsiveness, understanding, and guidance.

Child rearing is not as simple as it seems. There are various challenges and issues that parents have to face, as well as an overwhelming number of options available. We all need to learn to respect parents, their decisions and parenting styles, work together and help and assure parents so that they can relax and focus on the positive development of their children.


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